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Frequently asked questions


Do I need a license to operate the boat?

No you don’t. Bridgewater Boating Holidays own the appropriate boat license's that are needed.

Is the boat easy to operate?

The canals are mostly current free and cruising speed is only three to four miles per hour making driving quite simple and relaxed. We will give you full training before you set off. Most people get the hang of handling the boat quite quickly .

Do I need insurance?

The boat and the contents are fully insured. We do NOT provide personal holiday insurance covering cancellation, injury, or loss or damage of personal effects. We strongly recommend that you obtain your own personal holiday and cancellation insurance.

How will I know where I can moor the boat?

We will advise you on where you can moor but on the whole you can moor up where you want unless its a private moorings which are usually sign posted.

Is it safe to moor up at night on the canal tow path?

There may be some places in built-up areas that we would advise you to avoid apart from that, there should be no problem mooring up where ever you choose.

Is it easy to navigate the canals?

We will leave you information and tips on what routes you might like to take and provide you with the maps you need The maps make it clear and easy to locate pubs, shops, villages ,etc. We can also help you to plan your route.

How far can we go in a week or a weekend?

It just depends how much cruising you want to do. In a weekend you could get to Lymm and back with no locks and with very relaxing cruising and in a week or just over you could navigate the whole Cheshire Ring which has 92 locks in 97 miles!

What if I don’t want to go through a lock?

If you feel more comfortable not going through any locks we can show you routes which will find you in lovely serene countryside and/or Manchester city centre with no locks to navigate.

How will I know what to bring?

We provide all the basic things such as cooking and eating utensils, glasses, cups etc. You just need to bring bedding, towels, and any personal belongings.

We provide a selection of DVD's but you can also bring your own if you wish.
If your coming from outside the UK, bedding arrangements can be made.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes, fully house-trained pets are welcome for an extra charge of £20 per pet (2 pets maximum).

Where can I park my car?

We provide free parking at Bridgewater Marina where the gates are locked at night – the car and it’s contents are left at your own discretion.

Can I drink and drive?

The same rules apply as driving a car.

What if I have any further questions?

Please feel free to ring us on 0161 7028622 / 07713098032 or email us at

Bridgewater Marina 14 Quayside Close, Boothstown, Worsley, Manchester M28 1YB

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